Audience commitment is at the heart of all that Experiential stands for- from the participative experiences of productions to the playful and creative opportunities of workshops, Our bespoke educational workshops complement each production and are inspiring, confidence building and accessible to all ages and groups.

We are dedicated to ‘firing’ the imagination of the next generation of artists and adults alike by providing a unique opportunity to experiment with movement, technology and film.

We aim to engage participants in our creative processes and provide opportunity to work with and learn from our eclectic and highly skilled artists. They are delivered in partnership with schools, pre-schools, special needs schools, higher education and community groups.

Each workshop is bespoke to the group, however our overall aims are to:

  • Inspire creativity
  • Provide professional & innovative experience of fusing dance & film in the filmmaking process.
  • Develop team work skills
  • Establish a sense of ownership and achievement over the outcomes of the workshop
  • Provide insight into the many routes and opportunities available for students to establish themselves in the performance industry.
Highly inventive and exciting. Love the emotions being shown by the students, which the company helped pull out of them. The boys were really inspired by the floor work, using lights & film.

Jane Roberts, Head of Drama Collingwood College

Thank you for the performance and workshop, it makes me excited to dance.

Oxford workshop member

Experiential are currently offering day long film making workshops in association with their production, ‘Trapped’.

The created film will be shown in our final production and will be available on DVD to every participant. They are available to any age group and geographical location so if interested please contact for more information and/or to book.









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